Rt updating bgp 0 0 0 00

gsm_map_with_ussd_This "capture" has been generated using text2pcap tool, from MTP3 raw data trace.It contains a GSM MAP process Unstructured SS-Request MAP operation with a USSD String (GSM 7 bit encoded).

rt updating bgp 0 0 0 00-80rt updating bgp 0 0 0 00-8rt updating bgp 0 0 0 00-15

smb-browser-elections.pcapng Net BIOS requires that a Master Browser tracks host announcements and responds to Browser Requests. The role of a master browser should be taken by a stable system, as browser elections can have a serious performance impact.

The CMP messages are of the deprecated but used content-type "pkixcmp-poll", so they are using the TCP transport style.

In two of the four CMP messages, the content type is not explicitly set, thus they cannot be dissected correctly.

Currently, Wireshark doesn't support files with multiple Section Header Blocks, which this file has, so it cannot read it.

In addition, the first packet in the file, a Bluetooth packet, is corrupt - it claims to be a packet with a Bluetooth pseudo-header, but it contains only 3 bytes of data, which is too small for a Bluetooth pseudo-header.

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