Rules on dating your friend ex

Or maybe he’s still so hung up on you that a few texts or calls here and there are enough to give him what he needs.Sending innocent messages or contacting you for seemingly “important” reasons are a great way for him to see if you are receptive to him reaching out and if there is a possible opening for him in the future.Does he actually miss you or are your own desires or confusion clouding your judgment?If you want to know for sure that your ex misses you and get the information you need to move forward, read the following surefire ways to tell you are still on his mind.If your ex is doing this, it is a clear sign that he still has feelings for you.If he didn’t care about you, then he wouldn’t care who you were talking to or spending time with.

If your ex is showing signs of jealousy, that is a strong sign he misses you.Will you engage him in conversation, or will you blow him off?Maybe it’s his strategy to try to rekindle the relationship.Does he stare at you when you talk to other guys or broaden his shoulders if another man looks at you?If he sees you at a party with a new guy, does he start acting funny or start being mean — making nasty or rude comments about the guys you are with?

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