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Before Coffey bailed on the tour, he says there was more than ,000 in ticket sales. He adds he prays for Buell everyday, but business is business, and if fans are owed money Buell should return their money.

Payment option for the "Conversations with the Dead Tour" was via Pay Pal.

Ryan has contributed to the success of the Doctoral Programs in numerous ways and has demonstrated repeatedly his abilities as a researcher, mentor, and teacher." Buell was lauded by nominators for a wide range of accomplishments, including leading the student-to-student mentoring program, in which new doctoral students are matched with current students to facilitate their entry into the program; mentoring and advising other doctoral students on topics such as course planning, research projects, and career choices; providing review sessions and individual support to MBA students in the required first-year course in TOM; and serving as a Teaching Fellow and Lead Fellow in the MBA pre-matriculation Analytics program, an introduction to the quantitative skills and reasoning required in the MBA program.

As a researcher and scholar, Buell has made significant contributions to the theory and practice of service organizations through his work on the effects of customer behavior on operations.

Harvard Business School grants the Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) in five areas of study: accounting and management, marketing, management, strategy, and technology and operations management.

In addition, in conjunction with Harvard University's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, it offers Ph. programs in business economics, health policy management, and organizational behavior.

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