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Skirt Club has since opened chapters in Berlin, New York, Miami and Los Angeles.The bisexual Le Jeune, a former finance executive, was motivated by bad experiences at play parties with a former boyfriend. “Being a bisexual female somehow gave him the license to point out the females in the room he wanted me to kiss, so suddenly it was his threesome, his fantasy,” Le Jeune said. I just thought this had to stop.” She created her own club, aiming to attract members she’d want to mingle with — professional women ages 18 to 49 who identify as straight or bisexual.

Skirt Club, a London-based sex club for straight and bisexual women, opened a San Francisco chapter on Feb. The club hosts themed play parties at which sexual experimentation is encouraged.

In decades past, female sex clubs included Club Cream at Eros and the Klit Club.

Today, Exiles gather at the Center for Sex and Culture, and girlpile, an underground play party, said San Francisco sexologist Carol Queen, while Club Kiss nights are held at Mission Control, which has moved from San Francisco to Oakland.

“Dare cards” were handed out, with instructions like “kiss the girl closest to you on the cheek,” and “give the girl closest to you a neck massage.” Attendees later broke into groups, where rounds of spin-the-bottle ensued.

Prospective members fill out forms on Skirt Club’s website that include self-assessment on the Kinsey scale (a heterosexual-homosexual rating).

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