Shirlie holliman dating

Music, respect and love were the base of his last relationship that lasted more than 25 years.

Both Pepsi and Shirlie are in their mid-30s and live in north London SHIRLIE: I'd been friends with George and Andrew since school - I was the year above them. George was the organiser, Andrew had all the charisma - I went out with Andrew for two years. It must have been 1982 when I first met Pepsi, because I remember Wham!

In the car, she put on her tape and I was impressed by her voice.

It reminded me of Shirley Bassey (when I was growing up, Shirley Bassey and Barbra Streisand were my passion).

George used to make up all these dance routines which we'd do in nightclubs; we were either great or so bad that everybody cleared the floor. 's first single, "Bad Boys", had come out earlier that year.

We had been looking for a backing singer to replace another girl, called DC Lee; Simon Napier-Bell, Wham! I was told to go and pick her up from the train station.

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