Single russian bachelors dating

The Bachelor's Corinne Olympios won't be walking in a winter wonderland alone.

Olympios has been dating a Los Angeles realtor Michael Fogel for 'a month or so,' a source told Us Weekly Monday.

I’m really happy about it.'In the interview, Olympios - who was briefly engaged to an ex for three months earlier this year - said that Fogel embraces her passion for the cartoon character Sponge Bob Squarepants.'He’s okay with me making Sponge Bob references and laughing with me about them,' she revealed. That’s so immature." It’s like "C’mon just laugh about it.

A professional dancer and the art director of Moscow’s new Leica Academy, she favors a wardrobe of black designer threads that hang gracefully on her trim frame.

She is independent and ambitious—at 17, she left home from a provincial city in Belarus to study psychology at Moscow State University. And yet, like so many Russian women, Shpakova has lost hope of finding a suitable mate among her fellow countrymen.

Contemporary bachelors know how hard it is to find a woman to marry today.

“That means that Russian women simply have no interest in marrying Russian men,” says Irina Zhuravleva, the head of Russia’s census department at the Federal Statistics Service.

A single woman herself, Zhuravleva says she “never had any interest in marrying a drunk, to later suffer the pain of divorce and splitting [of] real estate.”Her stance reflects the fact that Russian culture has yet to catch up with women’s lib—a point that frustrates the country’s younger women in particular.

More seriously, they are often violent and feel threatened by independent, high-earning women.

The dating prospects are so grim, in fact, that Shpakova and many other Russian women of her generation are consciously deciding to stay single.

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