Speed dating a novel approach to gp education

While Monkseaton remains a pioneer, schools from elsewhere in Britain and as far afield as the US and Malaysia have been in touch wanting to find out more about the concept.

Rowena Coxon, a parent with two children at the school, Jenny, 16, and 14-year-old Elanor, admits that she had her doubts about spaced learning.

'Theoretically you could do half the year's syllabus in a couple of hours, leaving you with lots of time to do the exciting, practical stuff.

The youngsters quickly place the balls on the floor and file back to the tables and chairs set out at the far end of the hall, because the pupils of Year 11 aren't doing PE; they are halfway through a science lesson.'But the kids are on board and we're seeing the results.I suppose the thing that finally convinced me that we were on to something was when I sat in on one of our lessons and afterwards I discovered I knew chapter and verse on hormones – and had still retained the information months later.' Every child at the school has had some spaced learning lessons.'Instead of four months of revision, we did one hour of spaced learning and the whole year got better marks than previously.But it's not just about instant results, spaced learning really motivates the pupils.

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