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START Summit 2018 will take place from the 15th until the 16th of March 2018 in St. We offer the following six ticket categories: Student, Founder, Investor, Corporate, Visitor and Media. We recommend to travel with public transportation because there is very limited and expensive parking space. If you need a visa for Switzerland, you have to apply for it at the Swiss embassy of your country and have to present the required documents to them. Anyone with an entrepreneurial mind, spirit or just interest is welcome to attend the conference. Also, arriving from foreign countries such as Germany is no problem by train.Additionally, you will find a deeper insight in our top 30 startups in our event-brochure.If you have any special wishes we are happy to provide you with information to make your START Summit experience as beneficial as possible.The focus of those workshops is not to be recruited but to get insights in interesting startups or companies, specific topics or tools or simply for you to be inspired to help you finding your own path of entrepreneurship.Walk-in workshops are based on first come, first serve concept – you don’t have to apply. Depending on your ticket category, there are different formats for which you need to apply for. Expose yourself and your start-up at one of our pitching competitions: START Summiteer and START Factor.Once you have logged into the event app, your ticket will be available. Additionally, you will be granted access to the legendary START Summit afterparty.

Students have the possibility to register for closed workshops, START Speeddating, and last but not least for START Factor. Please make sure, you apply for this service until end of February.

Closed workshops provide unique insights which can be applied to your environment.

Please make sure, you apply for this service in January and February.

Gallen Bodensee Tourismus at [email protected] they will be happy to assist you. Our team has set up a list with the must-sees in St.

If I have been accepted to be hosted, who will be my host? Once you have been able to register for a host spot, we will match you with a student from St. You will then receive his or her contact details and will be able to sort out the details of your trip bilaterally. Gallen for those interested in getting to know the city a bit better and visit great spots. Please make sure you arrive on time for each event. There is a direct bus (Number 3) from the train station to the OLMA Messen. For those of you who are students and arriving a day earlier, you will have the possibility to get accredited already on Wednesday the 14th of March at the official matching hangout for hostees and hosts. With the ticket, you will get your conference badge either at the entrance on Thursday or Friday or at one of our Side-Events (Summiteer, Host-Matching etc).

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