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And…, despite what people think, there is a lot of dating between Swiss and non Swiss happening! Exposure ages range from 4900 ± 250 yr to 15,440 ± 1480 yr, including corrections made due to snow cover and karst erosion.And of course; you can meet great singles anywhere, anytime in your day to day life.Besides running a dating and matchmaking agency, I also coach many singles and believe in a holistic approach to dating.Based on seven boulder ages, which range from 8200 ± 260 to 9520 ± 990 yr, a mean of 8900 ± 700 years is calculated for the Flims landslide.We exclude three outliers (one significantly older and two significantly younger than the others) and the ages from the Cassons bedrock site from the mean calculation.If you live in Switzerland, whether you are Swiss or non Swiss, there are many ways to date.

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I admit that the singles I work with are interested in dating with the goal of finding the right person to build a happy relationship with (often with the goal of marriage and a family).

It is true that for non Swiss, meeting and dating “the Swiss” can be challenging.

As a dating expert I am often asked for my view on this and here is a link to an article that appeared in The Local on that topic The Swiss have already build their life, network and activities here and have less of a need /motivation to meet someone new as compared to for example single expats who just arrived and still need to build all that up do.

Again, thanks so much for your response :) There is a large parking lot right at the Glacier 3000 lift. Saanen - whether it is a "winter wonderland" village or not depends on whether we have any snow on the ground.

In November at Saanen's altitude (and Leysin's too) this is a big question mark.

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