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“But as hard as it is to say some days, I know God’s plan has never changed for my life.” A NEW PATHThough the pain of losing her husband may take a lifetime to heal, Tammy has not let the tragedy destroy her.

Instead, she has chosen to embrace the difficult path God has set before her, believing He is beside her every step of the way, teaching her of His love for her and being her strength when Tammy’s own strength fails.

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She doesn’t try to explain why the tragedy happened.Shortly after the search resumed the next morning, divers found Trent’s lifeless body, and Tammy suddenly found herself alone, facing an immeasurable loss.In tragic irony - all of her family members received the news of Trent’s death on their cell phones while they sat in jetliners grounded in Chicago, St. They all also learned, almost simultaneously, that the entire country had just experienced a terrifying tragedy. A WOMAN OF FAITH Taking her stage name from Trent’s first name, Tammy Trent had led a successful career in Christian music since 1995.EXPERIENCE PEACE AND HOPEOthers, including former acquaintances and caring strangers, reached out to her with encouragement and hope.Most important to Tammy was the sense of God’s peace that pervaded her house.

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