Teenage dating relationship statistics

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Relationships take time, energy, and care to keep healthy.

Generally, it is expected that people meet up at some place and then tell each other that they wish to discontinue the relationship.

However, people dating online do not find it necessary, they just send an e-mail and end the matter!

Young people aged 12 to 19 experience the highest rates - of rape and sexual assault.

When your relationship is unbalanced and causes harm, stress, and pressure, it becomes unhealthy.Important Dating Statistics In this paragraph, we shall discuss the dating statistics with respect to the latest trend of today's generation-online dating.Dating relationship statistics reveal that around 65% men, and almost 88% women consider the personality of an individual before deciding whether they should date him or not.If we seriously consider the abusive relationship statistics, then almost 80% of the people dating believed that abuse, of any kind, is harmful for relationship to grow and continue successfully.Online dating statistics too, have revealed different aspects of behavior of people dating these days.

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