Tommy wu meets woman online dating

I been waiting three years for mine to show up at my door whose name is James.

They are low-lifes and have No feelings towards you what-so-ever.

She also has sent money to a man who needs money for chemicals. I confronted "Nathan " about it and he is asking me a lot of questions now. He says he is coming to me in 8 weeks but I dont have that sort off money to waste and really thought he was genuine.

I’ve been talking to a guy name Peter Rodger and is what he said his name is and he lived in Houston Texas until the hurricane came through last summer and had moved himself and his 11 year old daughter to Washington DC. Kandace - you are right, we should report it straight away.

Dear Anonymous - the guy you think is genuine is not. The scammers’ favorite places to chat after the initial contact is Hangouts, gmail and Instagram. But follow your feelings deep down inside that say something is not right with this picture. I completely understand you want it to be the real thing. I still get contacts daily on all my singles websites from these scammers.

A week and you think he is genuine, a week and he is already asking for money.

He is going to break your heart and take every penny you have. These Oil Workers are NOT for real, I sure hope you read the stories, go way down and read the letter from a real Oil Worker trying to help everyone saying they have no time for this with women on the net and most have families so do not be fooled by ones saying that they are Oil Rig Workers or Engineers and have a 3-7 million dollar contract for it is not true. They are good at what to say to make you feel good while they are laughing when you answer them and you say you love him.

I did share his name because there are so many photos of him with different names that I want others to avoid him like poison if he contacts them.

Watch out for Nathan Sullivan or Brian Garret or Brian Howard.

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