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‘Stronomer is a modern day telling of the Book of Job, though Job in ‘Stronomer is a nine-year-old Asian/American boy who goes through extreme adversity in a short span of his life. Why does God sometimes answer his prayers with “no?

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For a bit of a background: I wrote the script for ‘Stronomer a few years back and like all other screenplays, it has gone through numerous revisions during those many months.

The basic premise of the story never changed, but dialog, character traits, scene selections, etc, etc, have.

It’s now a page-turner and I can’t wait to see the final version.

He’s flying in on the 11th of September, and we will be spending the next week together going over the script, meeting the team, visiting shooting sites, visiting editing and sound studios, etc. Two Can Films has made some significant investment in hardware, which is atypical of this business.

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