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To begin, recall that in traditional languages, an enumerated type is a way of associating a series of names with a corresponding set of integral values.

Often the sequence of numbers is consecutive and begins with 0.

In the Mathematical Refresher we discussed the implicit identifications of naturals with their rational counterparts and rationals with their repeating decimal real counterparts.

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Enumeration and parsing in q also fit into the cast pattern.Since these bit patterns are legitimate values for the wider type, the cast results in a finite value. All grown-up programming languages have a mechanism for translating literal text into values and vice versa.It isn't strictly correct to say that converting a value to a string and parsing a string are casts since the value is only implicit in the text, but the operations are closely related and use the same operator in q.A type can be specified in three equivalent ways: a char, a short and a symbol.For convenience, we repeat the data types table from Chapter 1.

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