Updating linpus linux

I have been the owner of an Acer Aspire One for a few years now. Nor have I been able to find any terrestrial technician where I live who could help me.

I have tried countless times to upgrade to the latest version, but have never been able to figure out how to run the download.

The suggestion to try Opera is interesting and I'll give it a go! Firefox 3 installed and working AND Gimp - thought i was on a roll.

But, I've lost the start up page through modifications in the XFCE Can anyone see where the error is in the file below?

COMAR is the configuration manager developed in-house, and Tasma is the custom K Desktop Environment system configuration tool.included the Linux kernel.

It allows a user to change the desktop theme, mouse, keyboard and language settings, date and time, KDE menus, wallpaper, Package Manager settings, smolt, number of desktops. Ladislav Bodnar, the creator of Distro Watch, wrote in his round-up of Linux/*nix in 2006 that Pardus is one of the distros he was most impressed by that year "...I don't know about Linpus, so I can't give you the name of your package-manager or the commands to install software, but may be a search for "Linpus package management" will help you. Your best bet is to try to install it with an RPM file. Opera Browser installs just as I have stated but when I put on Firefox it was harder.With Linux an application update usually has to go through the operating system. I had to use a Source RPM file which is not the greatest for a novice but not as hard as compiling it yourself like a source file.The base packages also contains numerous backports and fixes which will improve the stability of your desktop experience significantly. Pardus 2011 came with Firefox 4.0 as the default browser.included the Linux Kernel, KDE Plasma Desktop 4.6.5, Libre Office, Mozilla Firefox Web Browser 5.0, Xorg 1.9.5, Gimp 2.6.11, Python 2.7.1, GCC 4.5.3, and Glibc 2.12.With this release numerous bugs have been fixed, 64-bit Skype and Wine packages are now in the 2011 stable repository, YALI has a System Rescue mode, and a 2009-2011 distribution upgrade interface was announced.; Packages Installed Successfully as Intended; also a Turkish word meaning "kitty", intended as a pun on the distribution's name, which is derived from pardus, the species name of the leopard.) is a package management system that was developed for Pardus.

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