Validating data from database php

You will learn how to collect input from a web form, validate and save it.

This tutorial assumes that you are familiar with at least very basic PHP and HTML.

If the user didn’t, each check will add another bullet point to the error message.

Finally, when it’s done making validations, it will check to see if there is an error message. If there are no errors, it displays a success message.

If not, then the user is probably visiting this page for the first time.Finally, let’s take this data and write it into a text file. This means that if already exists, it will point to the end of the file.If not, it will create the file and point at the start.So, the first thing we should do is to check and see if a form was submitted or not.To do that, let’s look at the value of the “form Submit” button.

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