Validating forms using php

Bob receives the mail and clicks the URL, demonstrating to Alice that he controls the email address he claimed to have.If instead a hostile party, Chuck, were to visit Alice's website attempting to masquerade as Bob, he would be unable to complete the account registration process because the confirmation would be sent to Bob's email address, to which Chuck does not have access. The step of email address verification (confirmation) is considered by many anti-spam advocates to be the minimum degree necessary for any opt-in email advertising or other ongoing email communication.Using a confirmed opt-in (COI) (also known as a Double opt-in) procedure helps to ensure that a third party is not able to subscribe someone else accidentally, or out of malice, since if no action is taken on the part of the e-mail recipient, they will simply no longer receive any messages from the list operator.Mail system administrators and non-spam mailing list operators refer to this as confirmed subscription or closed-loop opt-in.Bob supplies an email address at which he can be contacted, but Alice does not yet know that Bob is being truthful (consciously or not) about the address.

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Generally, unless the explicit step is taken to verify the end-subscriber's e-mail address, such as clicking a special web link or sending back a reply email, it is difficult to establish that the e-mail address in question indeed belongs to the person who submitted the request to receive the e-mail.

It turns out that confirmed opt-in is the only way that you can prove that a person actually opted in, if challenged legally.

Instead of giving people the option to be put in the list, they are automatically put in and then have the option to request to be taken out.

PHP file: page1_Given below are the codes for first part of the form, as user fills it and clicks on next button, it will redirect to second page .

CREATE TABLE detail ( user_id int(10) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, name varchar(255) NOT NULL, email varchar(255) NOT NULL, contact int(15) NOT NULL, password varchar(255) NOT NULL, religion varchar(255) NOT NULL, nationality varchar(255) NOT NULL, gender varchar(255) NOT NULL, qualification varchar(255) NOT NULL, experience varchar(255) NOT NULL, address1 varchar(255) NOT NULL, address2 varchar(255) NOT NULL, city varchar(255) NOT NULL, pin int(10) NOT NULL, state varchar(255) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (user_id) ) @import url(

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