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The feature cuts down time spent in finding the right BIOS ROM image online, and copying it to a USB flash drive.Unlike Intel's Express BIOS Update program, it does not need the motherboard to have any storage devices connected.When you click “Add Actor,” choose the small icon on the far left below the main row of options.The vector drawing tool will work exactly the same as it always has and you can continue to use it for Tynker lessons.Then came utilities that flashed BIOS for you, if you specified the updated BIOS ROM image files located on a floppy.As these image files grew in file-size these utilities added support for bigger media, such as USB flash drives.

While outside the lesson, though, the “Draw Your Own” option will launch the new paint editor.

This tool let you work with the files from Local, USB as well as FTP.

Emmet Livestyle currently works with Sublime Text and Atom Editor.

This tool is available for both Windows and Mac OS.

The livestyle plugin for Atom editor is still in beta stage, for more information check out Live Style plugin for Atom Github page.

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