Who is brandon buddy dating

—tinged with nerves from watching It was all of those things, except the bros weren’t swiping for hookups.Brandon O’Leary, a 26-year-old bartender in New York, was biding his time as he waited for the guy he met on Bumble BFF, an extension of the Tinder-like app but focused solely on friendship, to arrive.

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When he first moved to New York after college, he had a hard time finding his place in the bustle. “Not only can it be difficult to connect with people in New York, because everyone is so busy, it also feels really lonely when you're walking on the streets and you see so many people, and you're kind of wondering, subconsciously or consciously, you know, how are these people doing it and I can't?Upon signing up, you select your interests, from stereotypically dude hobbies like “cars” to what kind of music you’re into to what you like to drink (wine? When guys get into a relationship, he reasons, they often neglect their male friendships. ”Launched in January 2015, the app has a userbase of “between 12,000 and 15,000,” according to a spokeswoman, mostly in New York and Los Angeles.And if they break up, or get divorced, they’re hard up for companionship. A big part of the app’s structure is creating and listing nearby events, like weekly poker nights or World Series watch parties at the Cubs bar.“I wanted to find a different avenue, rather than just meeting up with people that I work with.” So he made a profile—being careful to select only the “BFF” option so his profile wouldn’t show up to single women and cause confusion among his girlfriend’s friends—and started swiping, using similar metrics for what he’d look for in a “ relationship” with a woman. “Not necessarily that I'm looking for a dude that's attractive, but I think, in terms of activities and stuff like that, I don't want to hang out with a dude who's really into punk or metal and has a black mohawk going on. Because the ersatz flirty banter was a little awkward, he tried to cut to the chase early.So I think the pictures are important because you're kind of picking up on a lot of cues there, in terms of, ' Are they active? “I want to build up a relationship to hang out with somebody rather than just, like, text a dude,” he says.

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