Who is michelle phan dating 2016

Phan started working on Ipsy around 2010, and L'Oréal reached out about starting a beauty line with her around the same time.L'Oréal is known for acquiring and nurturing brands like Urban Decay and NYX, so Em was a startup experience for the company.There will be only two categories — liquid eyeliners and creamy liquid lipsticks — and 10 products at launch.When Phan came to Racked’s offices, the first thing I noticed was how little makeup she was wearing.I knew that it would be such an amazing experience building something like that.” Great opportunity aside, Phan was now involved in launching two startups simultaneously, and she shuttled between the East and West coasts for several years.When Em imploded, Phan didn’t take it well, but now she views it as a second chance.I don’t know because I didn’t go to a hospital or anything or get diagnosed, but I was taking a few quizzes online and I felt really sad every day,” Phan says.Of her dual covers, she muses: “You would think, It likely had something to do with Em, the makeup line that L'Oréal pitched to her, produced, and then launched in 2013, after almost three years of development with Phan’s close involvement.

Since Em was launched in 2013, several indie makeup lines have popped up, like Colourpop and Makeup Geek, founded in 2012 by You Tuber Marlena Stell, one of Phan’s contemporaries.It was not well-received and didn’t sell well, garnering blisteringly critical reviews from her fans, who complained about the price point and levied accusations that she had “sold out.” By the end of 2015, ominous reports were coming from industry trade papers like suggesting that the price, which was upwards of for some products, was indeed too high for Phan’s demographic.Then Phan announced that she would be buying the line back from L'Oréal.She is now launching her own line, starting with nail polish.Jaclyn Hill had a sell-out collaboration with Becca as well as several other indie brands, and is rumored to be launching her own line this year.

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