Why am i not dating quiz

Next year, I am moving to a nearby city and don't know if I should ask her out before I move because I know she will say yes, but I don't want to start a relationship until we can actually have a chance of lasting. besides this test, the test told me that we were made for each other what do I do?

I'm afraid of trusting someone and don't know what to do. So, I liked this guy at my school and I've liked him for a week now, I told his friend and his friend has kind of been getting him to try a relationship with me just once, so the day he found out I liked him he told me he only liked me as a friend but then we started hanging out more this week and spending More time together as friends and today he asked me if I felt awkward if we held hands and I said no, although we doesn't hold hands today but then later when he told me that, right before the bell rang for 6th period, he told me he was beginning to like me, I needs to know if he is the right one for me by another person's P. Hello guys Okay,here's my story So I have liked this guy for like a year now ..used to always talk,like we couldn't stay a day without texting or seeing each other.told me he likes me and i told him i like him too,but i wasnt ready for a relationship.i was 16 back then and i'd be 17 this year.

Maybe he’s doing things that make you think he cares about you, maybe he’s trying to spend more time with you… Maybe he’s not paying that much attention to you, or he said something to you that made you think he doesn’t really care at all…

On the one hand – it seems like he could really like you!

Why is it that all the guys and girls you know are joined at the hip and yet you're still single?

But this year,we've rekindled again and he came over last night...we're pretty good musicians so we sang together while he played the piano and then he sang his own song to me..spoke the lyrics to me too..."I love you, I need you, I want you..."and so on.he's in my head like I can't even stop thinking about him.

How are you supposed to know how to act around him if you don’t know how he feels about you?

Plus, that doubt makes it hard to act naturally around him.

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He thinks that I just like him and he just likes me. I dated his friend but we don't even talk anymore (me and my ex) I don't know what to do if he asks me again. Me and j went out in the past at least twice in middle school and once in freshman year, we broke up because he said I was detached ,but I just didn't understand how to be in an actual relationship, after we broke up In freshman year I got into a big argument with him in class over something dumb and I had to be escorted out of class by security ( because I was ready to whoop some ass) but after the fight we stopped talking to each other.

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