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Contrary to the way it’s been presented, it doesn’t limit users’ access to particular apps or sites.

Rather, it lays out prepackaged options via which MEO customers can add extra gigabytes of data usage to their mobile phone plans (similar to Vodafone’s “Passes” offerings).

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One of net neutrality’s more fervent defenders in Congress, Rep. Portugal is a member of the European Union, so its internet providers must comply.

Ro Khanna (D-California), tweeted the following on 26 October: The graphic Khanna used, a screen shot of a promotion on the web site of the Portuguese telecom company MEO, purports to illustrate one of the end-user scenarios net neutrality backers have long predicted would come to pass in the absence of such regulations: limited offerings of pre-selected apps and content packages, with add-on charges for each (comparable to service bundles offered by cable TV providers). The service promoted in the MEO graphic, “Smart Net,” is essentially a menu of add-ons to the company’s standard mobile data service plan.

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Simply put, the rules kept providers from setting fees and transmission speeds that favored some content sources over others.

Proponents say net neutrality rules ensure fair competition and guarantee unimpeded access to all legal platforms and content for all users.

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